Coal-water slurry additive MC

                                         Appearance : Brown powder
                                         Compose :  Complex of methyl naphthalene sulfonate
                                         Ion type : Negative ion
                                         Solubility : Easy dissolve in water
                                      2、The main technic standard
                                      Disperse power(standard product),%≥
                                      Insolubles in water of 5 percent, %, ≤
                                      PH (1 percent water solution)
                                      Reducing sugar,  %  ≤
                                      Sodium sulfate content,%≤
                                      Content of calcium and magnesium ion,ppm
                                      3、Performance and use:
                                      Coal-water slurry additive is a new coal fuel instead of oil fuel, this product is an important composition of coal-water slurry. After adding MC additive, the slurry will have lower viscosity, higher density, better dispersibility, fluidity and stability. This additive can improve the slurry and also increase the coal slurry’s combustion efficiency. It helps on environmental protection and energy conservation. It is applicable to most kinds of coal. Usually 0.3-1% by weight( of the dry coal’ weight) is needed to be added, then slurry of 62-68% will be formed. The viscosity is 900-1200Pa.S. it can be stable for 60days.
                                      4、Packing:25KG Woven bag with plastic liner
                                      5、Innocuity , noninflammable , nonexplosive.

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